5 Ways to Stay Motivated

In Todays world people are so much influenced by materialistic thing they forgot what they want in their life. People become direction less which makes them demotivated in life.


In this Blog you will get to know about 5 ways to stay motivated in your life which helps you to achieve your goals and makes you happy in your life.

-How do you define Motivation?

First things we need to understand What is Motivation?. Motivation is something which helps you to keep working hard, stay focused to achieve short term and long term goal in your life.

So here are 5 ways to stay motivated.

  • Always Stay Positive

First Step to stay motivated is to Stay Positive. Never ever think negative and stay away from negative people because these people will try to pull you down to achieve your goal and become a distraction in your path.

Ways to Stay Always Positive:

  • Listen Motivation Stories or Podcast.
  • Read Motivational Novel.
  • Movie which give to inspiration to achieve your goal.
  • Watch Motivational Videos on YouTube.

Set Short Term and Long Term Goal.

Once you and your mind become free from negative thoughts and negative people. Second Step is setting a Goal. Yes, Having a Goal to stay motivated in life is necessary. If you don’t have a goal your mind will become distracted and full of negative thoughts.

So setting a goal is second step. It doesn’t matter whether its short term goal or long term. If its a short term goal. Make a plan how you can achieve this goal, how much do i need to achieve this goal.

If I give you an example:

Suppose your short term goal is you want your salary package of $100k in 1 year. Then you have to make a plan what are the skills i have to learn to get $100k and how much time it will take to learn those skills.

If your Long Term goal is to start your own business. If you are a working professional and you don’t have enough money to start a business then you have to make a plan for how long you need to work to save money to start the business or how much money do you need to take a loan from bank and what are the factors that will a business successful.

Once you achieve your short term or long term long then you have to set your new goals in your life and this is the only practice you have to do to stay motivated and consistent in your life.

Remove Distraction

Once you set your goal and you are working hard to achieve that goal. There are lots of thing will come in your path which will affect you to achieve your goal. You just have to determined and consistent in your work.

Few things which you just have to eliminate from your life if your want to achieve your goal, stay consistent and disciplined.

  • Don’t spend too much time or unnecessary time on social instead do some productive work like read a book, listen information podcast.
  • Too much Consumption of Alcohol.
  • Consumption of Cigarettes and other Drugs.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress on weekly basis is always helps you and tells you where are you lacking to accomplish your goal. What are the mistakes you have done in past week so that it will never happen again in future.

Moral of the Story is Always Learn from your mistakes.

Take Break and Give Yourself and Your Health first priority

Achieving a Goal is not an easy task. You will never get something big easily for that you have to work hard and be consistent. But Sometime what happen people become so dedicated to accomplish their goal, they just working continuously without taking a break which result they become stressed out and that time all you need is break. Some time for yourself. Just do anything to keep your mind and body fit and healthy whether its stretching ,meditation and yoga. But give yourself and your health always first priority. You can achieve anything only if you are mentally and physically fit.

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