How Travel Benefits You: Some takeaways from travel.


Travelling is one of the best therapy or you can say one of the best experience a human can ever have in their life.

We are living in a world where every person is just rushing towards chasing money, I am not denying that money is not important in life it is necessary but for some extent. Peoples in todays world is so much busy living 9 to 5 life that they forget to spend time for themself for their well being, for their mental health or their spiritual growth.

Here are some benefits of travelling i am going to share with you that how travelling can be beneficial for your personal growth and what you can learn from travelling.

  • Travelling is Totally safe.

World is so big and there are billions of people in this world. Some people feel scared when it comes to travelling because there is one question keeps running in their mind IS TRAVELLING SAFE?I want to share that travelling is safe and secure not all people are there to scam you or rob you. There are some people who took advantage whenever you go new destination but not all people are like this. Those type of people are only few in percentage otherwise there are people who is always there to help you or guide you. Second things whenever you go any new destination make sure you researched a lot about that place so that it will help you to explore that place without any trouble and you feel more secure and safe during your travel journey.

  • Gives You Self Confidence.

Travelling helps you to build self confidence. Some people love travelling with their friends, some people loves travelling with their family and some people loves travelling alone (SOLO TRAVELLING).

Travelling with friends and family have their own fun. But Travelling alone or solo travelling give you self confidence. In solo travel person have to just trust your gut during the journey. During solo travel you have to be ready for any challenges and circumstances that comes in your way and how you tackle those challenges will gives you a boost in your self confidence and these situations will helps you a lot in your future travel.

So i highly recommend every person to travel solo once in their life. You will surely love that experience.

  • Travelling- Best form of Education

World is full of mystery and there is lots of history behind the world. More you travel more you get to know about the history. In our school and college we found history classes so boring. But same history we found very interesting and engaging when we travel and see beautiful monuments and forts and stories behind them.

  • Meet New People from different Cultures.

Travelling to any destination is not about clicking pictures and putting on social media. The best thing about travel is you meet lots of like minded people during your journey. You share stories and experiences about your travel. The best way to communicate and meet people is staying in hostel. Hostel is a budget stay option where people from all over the world prefer to stay in low budget. When people from different part or different cultures stays a common place then its an obvious you interact with lots of people and you learn about their cultures.

So this is one more reason why you should travel.

  • Amazing and Exciting Stories to Tell

After spending a lots of time in travel, capturing thousand of picture and videos. You have lots of exciting, amazing and interesting stories to tell with your loved one, friends and people who want to travel but have no idea how to start and what things keep in mind during travel. People can even start a blog to share their travel stories to inspire people who want to pursue travel.

In the end I want to end this article with a famous quote and I hope you like this.


The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page- Saint Augustine

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